Michael (Melbourne)

Hal has Coached me for my last 2 Half Ironman Campaigns.

Together we set very specific goals and I’m glad to say that I achieved each and every one of them.

Both races saw me achieve PB’s and I now feel that I have a very real chance of breaking the 5 hour barrier in the not too distant future.

It is extremely satisfying to continue to see real improvement as a 56 year old  Athlete and I have Hal to thank for this.

From the moment I signed on with Hal, he has been totally invested in my journey. The level of communication between Athlete and Coach has been outstanding.

Hal would telephone, text, email and comment on Training Peaks multiple times per week to ensure that he received a superior level of information from me so as to plan each and every stage of my program. Both Physical & Mental Fatigue, Injury Concerns and Outside Commitments were therefore all shown the appropriate level of respect by Hal on an ongoing basis so as to protect me – his Athlete.

As a consequence Hal has been able to prepare me for each event so well – ensuring that my Self Confidence and Motivation have been at peak levels

In addition Hal’s X Factor – his enthusiasm and love for the sport of triathlon has been nothing short of inspiring.

I look forward to continuing my Journey with Hal as I believe that his approach is unique within the industry and I highly recommend Hal to other Triathletes looking to get the best out of themselves