Health & Wellbeing

Being active and leading a healthy lifestyle is essential for our overall health and wellbeing. 

Without it, many people are known to suffer with stress, a lack of motivation and have trouble getting a good night’s sleep. 

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and being aware of the tips offs that cause these symptoms will really help you to realise your true potential, cope with everyday life, work productively and contribute to your community.

Stressful work environments, long hours and low morale have a real impact on our wellbeing. They all create an atmosphere you don’t want to be around and result in a great deal of absenteeism and can have a real negative effect on our social and emotional wellbeing. 

Recognising it and dealing with it can really make a difference to your life and the lives of those around you. 

As your coach, my approach to your training will always be health and wellbeing first and although I’m not a qualified psychologist, I’ve sat in front of enough of them over the past few years to be in a position to discuss things with you that may be holding you back from realising your true potential....